Is it in the QIP?

The  image above is an accurate description of what has been inside my head for the last fortnight. We have received notification for an upcoming Assessment and Rating visit to St Luke’s Catholic Early Learning Centre.  This is a self-assessment process which involves the submission of our QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) to our regulatory authority.  Following this submission, we will receive a 2 day visit for Assessment and Rating.

Tension or Nervous anticipation?

This is not an unfamiliar process for me. However going through Assessment and rating, I still feel a nervous tension in my stomach and my mind is preoccupied with random thoughts which cause me to become distracted during the day and a little forgetful.

Unfortunately, this did consequently lead me this week to wake my husband at 3.30am on Thursday because I had forgotten to take the garbage bins out.  I’m sure there was a clause in our marriage vows “In  sickness and in health and in times of Assessment and Rating.”

Are we ready? Is anyone ever ready?

Pause, Breathe, Reflect

Reflecting on our practices and undergoing the self assessment audit, my mindset moves forward. Our high quality, meaningful relationships, educational program and everyday practices at St Luke’s CELC always strive for exceeding themes.

There are quality practices occurring  every day – as there should be. These are included in our QIP.

“Exceeding” themes as defined by the National Quality Framework centres around the following:

  • Embedding quality Practice across all areas
  • Practice is informed by critical reflection
  • Engagement with families and/or the community shapes practice

In our self assessment process, I see how our everyday practices at St Luke’s CELC always pursue these exceeding elements and are embedded throughout the day and every day.

Critical reflection is ongoing individually and collectively as a team. Professional development opportunities and evaluations of practice continue to support critical reflection and shapes our practices.

Engagement with our families and our St Luke’s school community also continues to shape our practices as we continue to build our St Luke’s community.

Opportunity to celebrate 

In the process of reviewing our QIP for submission, it is rewarding to document our strengths and  achievements over the last 17 months since we opened. This an opportunity for us to celebrate and showcase  St Luke’s CELC!

Together as a team and as part of the St Luke’s community we are able to showcase how we display exceeding elements in the National Quality Standards (NQS) in the following areas:

  1. Educational Program and practice
  2. Children’s health and safety
  3. The Physical Environment
  4. Staffing Arrangements
  5. Relationships with Children
  6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  7. Governance and Leadership

Our high quality , meaningful relationships and everyday practices at St Luke’s CELC always strive for exceeding elements and are embedded throughout the day and every day.






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